Wednesday Wishes

In which I discuss five things I’m wanting:

  1. Balance — I’m working on finding a balance between losing weight/focusing on health and fitness and the rest of my life. To do this, I’ve started a 52 Book Challenge for 2011, so I have other goals unrelated to losing weight. I’ve also decided to start seeing a therapist to talk through some of these feelings/issues. In addition, I’m working on putting more focus on developing some social circles and refocusing on some of my friendships. I’m hoping these small steps will add up to something big.
  2. Romance — Yeah, I’m a big, sappy girl. I just want a little romance in my life. Candles, flowers, music, homemade dinners, dancing. I believe that, like magic, we can create our own romance. And I try: bubble baths, soothing tunes, cuddly blankets on the couch. But it’s almost always better with company.
  3. Play Day — I want a snow day so I can gather up a group of friends and family and go frolic in the snow. I want to wear snowpants and mittens and have cold, rosy cheeks. I want to build a snowman. I want to have a big bonfire. Oh, and there will definitely be hot cocoa — with marshmallows.
  4. World Peace — Now hear me out. I know this is lofty (and cliché), but it’s important. I am deeply saddened/ashamed/shocked every time I hear of another hate-filled occurrence somewhere in the world. Everything from bullying to war and random acts of violence to hate-filled speech. It’s disturbing and disgusting and it makes me sad for the state of our world. I believe in the power of love, of kindness, of respect, of understanding. And I believe that it starts with the individual.
  5. A New Purse/Bag — Yeah, another lofty “want” with some deep meaning. But, hey: my list, my rules. I’m wanting a purse that’s big enough to hold more than my wallet, my glasses and my small calendar. I want to be able to throw my book in my purse so it’s with me wherever I go. Oh yes, and I want it to be the super cutest.


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4 responses to “Wednesday Wishes

  1. Hmmm. Hope you don’t mind if I join in, although I kind of find this hard to answer without overanalyzing (go figure.)

    1. I want to have meaningful conversation about things that make me feel connected to someone or something on more than a basic level. Whether it’s a discussion about literature, sports or life in general, I miss “real” talking once in awhile (and feeling smart and important.)

    2. My old hair back. Until a few years ago, my hair was my “thing.” I was healthier and pampered myself by going to a good salon and knew my hair looked good. My hair looked good, I felt good.

    3. To have one of those laughing fits that are completely unplanned and completely uncontrollable. I love, love that feeling.

    4. To be able to stay in my comfort zone, but I realize that progress is made when you step outside of it. I want to accept these situations with mindfulness instead of cultivating anxiety and resistance (only when necessary, of course.)

    5. People to get it. I won’t ramble, but I just wish more people got it.

    *bonus* Summer-I want my garden, my walks and my sunshine 🙂


    • I love your list, Abby! Especially number 3. Man, I miss laughing fits — the ones that leave you sighing/gasping at the end because you can’t get your breath.

      Thanks for sharing — I love that you’re participating in some of my daily lists.


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