Tuesday Tensions

In which I discuss five things weighing on my mind:

  1. Therapy — I start my therapy/counseling/what-have-you on Thursday. And, while I’m looking forward to talking to an “outsider” about some of the issues weighing on my mind, I’m a bit nervous. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big “talker” when it comes to talking about me (surprising, I know). Plus, there’s that whole getting-to-know-you phase that’s always awkward.
  2. Work — Yeah, I love my job. But, there are days it can be stressful. This week is one of those weeks where my to-do list is growing faster than my got-it-done list. It’ll pass. I’ll work through it. But it’s one of those weeks.
  3. Family — Well, really, when isn’t family “stuff” on people’s minds. We all have our own battles and our own struggles — just as every family has its own challenges. My family is very close and can work through any issues that arise. But that doesn’t keep them from weighing (sometimes quite heavily) on my mind.
  4. Friends — I need to do a better job finding them, keeping them and staying in touch with them. It’s been bothering me lately that I don’t have a close-knit circle of girlfriends — which I recognized after spending some time with a group of women the other night who all were very close. It’d be nice to have that.
  5. Age — I would be lying (totally lying) if I didn’t say I was a little stressed about turning 30 next month. I know, I know, age is only a number (I’ve said it myself multiple times). For the most part, I believe that. I really do. And when I hear people complain about “being old,” I think how lucky we all are to have one more day on this planet — even if that means we’re one day older than the day before. I guess what stresses me out about 30 is the symbolism of the number. It just sounds so much older than 29. And I remember when my (much) older siblings turned 30 — it seemed so … well … old. I’ve accomplished a lot in my personal and professional life for someone who’s “just” 29. So, to a certain extent, I feel more mature than the age on my driver’s license. But that whole crossing-decades thing freaks me out a bit.


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4 responses to “Tuesday Tensions

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  2. Rhonda

    The mention of therapy made me smile. Tried it last year and was impressed. It was better, easier and more helpful than I thought it would be. If you find the right therapist, it doesn’t take long to get reasonably comfortable. Just remember not to hold anything back – after all, you are paying for the sessions! So get the most out of them you can. My best advice is get to know the therapist just a bit, too. It’s helpful to realize you’re talking to a (flawed) person, not just an advice-dispenser. It’s a relationship. Sometimes they won’t get it right. And that’s okay. Helps you realize that no matter how skilled or professional they are, it’s YOUR process that brought about the relationship. Good luck!


    • Thanks for the tips, Rhonda. I did a meet-and-greet with the therapist a couple weeks ago, and I think I’m going to like her. I’m anxious (eager, too) to see how things go tomorrow. I have optimism that it’s going to be just what I need. Thanks!


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