Monday Mentionables

In which I discuss five random things about me:

  1. I’m a Country Mouse in the City — Born and raised on a generations-old fruit farm in northern Michigan, I will always be a country girl at heart. It’s just that my career has led me to live a city gal’s life. Well, kind of a city gal’s life — my office is located in Michigan’s “apple capital” and part of my job is agriculture-based. I enjoy the luxuries of city living (museums, lots of book stores, tons of things to do, delicious restaurants) but miss the things I used to take for granted in a small community (knowing most of the people you pass on the street; wide, open spaces; acres and acres to run and jump; the closeness of family …).
  2. I Believe in Love — I’m not particularly religious or spiritual, but I believe in the power of love. And I believe that if people filled their lives with love, things would be better. This means love for themselves, love for others, love for the earth, love for — well — everything. Be love. Do love. Give love.
  3. I’ll Never Stop Learning — If I could make a career out of being a full-time student, I’d be all over that so fast. I love school. I always have, and I always will. I get so jealous when I read other people writing about going back to classes, having homework (yeah, I’m a dork — I love homework), learning new things, reading textbooks … I double majored in journalism and anthropology in undergrad because I fell in love with the latter while studying the former. I earned my master’s degree while working 40-plus hours a week because I loved learning about integrated marketing so much. I’m even considering going back to school for something. But until then, I’ll always have my books.
  4. I’m A Mutt — I’ve always longed for some sort of a cultural connection, a shared community story. But, I’m pretty “American” by most standards. I am a mix of so many different cultural stories that there’s no one true heritage with which I identify. Polish? Yup. German? Yup. British? Yup. French? Yup. Dutch? Yup. Irish? Yup. Native American? Most likely. You name it, I got it. I love my family’s history — of coming to the U.S. and finding its way to the same farm we’re “settled” on today. But sometimes I long for more.
  5. I Love My Job — Even on the most stressful days (and in publishing, there are a lot of stressful days) I love my job. I love what I do; I love the audiences we cover; I love the products we produce; I love that I get to grow right along with the industry. Mostly, I love that this job allows me to challenge myself every day (see item #3). It also lets me combine my talents and my passions. Sometimes I feel like the world wants us to be miserable in our jobs and not happy where we are. But I will not make apologies for being happy with my present career.


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