In Which I Discuss …

I’m going to try something new on my blog this week, and it goes something like this:

  • Sunday Smiles — In which I discuss five things making me happy today.
  • Monday Mentionables — In which I discuss five random things about me.
  • Tuesday Tensions — In which I discuss five things weighing on my mind.
  • Wednesday Wishes — In which I discuss five things I’m wanting.
  • Thursday Thanks — In which I discuss five things that make me grateful.
  • Friday Fears — In which I discuss five things that scare me.
  • Saturday Sentiments — In which I discuss five things that make me feel sappy.

Who knows — maybe this will become a weekly thing for me. Or, maybe I’ll get bored of it after a couple days. Time will tell. But, let’s kick this week off with my Sunday Smiles:

  1. Sparkly Snow — I’ve talked about it before, but there’s no greater joy than waking up in the winter, stepping outside and seeing the snow sparkling beneath your feet. It’s enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face and put a skip in anyone’s step. And every time I see it, I fall in love with Michigan all over again.
  2. Baseball Caps — I love wearing baseball caps. I don’t know what it is, but I feel fun and spunky when I wear one. And I love the way my ears poke out from underneath it. And when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror in a baseball cap, I can’t help but smile. Plus, I am thankful for the way it covers up even my worst bed head!
  3. Good Books — There’s almost nothing that makes me happier than curling up on a cold winter day (or night) with a mug of tea and a good book. Relieves all the major stresses of my world and takes me away — even if for just a little bit.
  4. Fridge Full of Groceries — I love when I get home from the grocery store and have a fridge full of fresh, healthful food just waiting to be turned into a delicious concoction of my choosing.
  5. Phone Calls with Friends — While I don’t have many close girlfriends, the ones I do are quite possibly the best gifts I’ve been given (aside from my amazing family, of course). And there’s nothing quite like catching up with them on the phone, laughing about silly stories, talking about the stresses of daily life and reminiscing about shared memories. I’m smiling just thinking about them.


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3 responses to “In Which I Discuss …

  1. wendy warren

    What a nice post! I can see you smiling…. and that makes me smile!


  2. My list might be kind of lame and I’ll spare you explanation, but here it goes (from yesterday):

    Grocery shopping
    Crazy toothless cats and goofy dogs
    Dancing like weirdos with my mom while cleaning
    The smell of warm banana bread
    Tea, my new Yoga Journal and writing without editing


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