2010: In Bullets and Pictures

I’d feel a lack of closure if I didn’t do some sort of a wrap-up of 2010. So, here is my 2010 all bulleted up:

  • Rang in the new year with Amor.
  • Turned 29.
  • Started running.

Photo of me running down the street

  • Hired a trainer.
  • Got rid of old trainer. Hired Trainer 2.0.
  • Moved Amor (No More) back to Mexico — by car. Yes, we drove from Michigan to south-central Mexico.

Photo of road trip to Mexico

  • Started weight lifting.

Pic of me weight lifting

  • Ran in the shadows of a castle in Scotland.

Photo of Scotland Castle

  • Fell in love with spinning.
  • Sprained my ankle — two days before my first official running race. (I did get to drive the lag car, though.)

Photo of me in lag car

  • Visited Amor in Mexico. Fell in love with his family, his country.

Photo of Guanajuato

  • Ran. Oh, boy, did I run.

Photo of me at a race

  • Broke up with Amor.

Photo of me crying

  • Zip lined through the rain forest in Costa Rica.

Photo of me in the rain forest

  • Ran some more.

Photo of me running

  • Had some surgery.

Photo of my surgery

  • Set PR after PR after PR in my races.

Photo of me with a race medal

  • Registered for a half marathon.

Photo of marathon registration

  • Lost 47 pounds (on top of the 58 I lost in 1009).

Photo of me in my fat jeans

  • Last, but certainly not least, in 2010 I found my strength and learned to put myself first.

Photo of my muscles

So, how do I feel about the possibilities 2011 presents?

Photo of me jumping

Jumping for Joy!



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