My Big New Year’s Eve

My big plans for today involved:

  • Blood work
  • Groceries
  • Lunch at the apartment
  • Hanging out with my cousins and their daughter
  • Resolution Run (4-mile race)
  • Bookstore (which was closed)
  • Hanging out at home with a hot mug o’ tea
  • Trying to stay up until at least 10 p.m. so I don’t feel totally lame

Overall, it was a pretty productive day — well, I enjoyed it anyway. My cats? Notsomuch.

Photo of my two lazy cats

The cats were not impressed with my NYE plans. Oh well, can't please everyone.

I’m currently just hanging out on the couch. But, thought I should at least do something productive. Hence, a race recap follows:

Things were not looking good for a race today. Woke up and it was almost 50 degrees — nice, but so not Michigan winter. Then came the thunderstorms! Yep. Thunder. And pouring rain. I’ll run in the rain. Heck, I like running in the rain. It’s relaxing. I like running in the snow. It’s a calming kind of solitude. But I refuse to run in pouring rain that is accompanied by thunder. So not cool.

Photo of race bib and chip

Got everything ready nice and early, despite the rain, so I could enjoy my day.

But, the rain cleared, taking the thunder with it. Got my blood drawn, got some groceries and went about my daily business. The weather stayed pretty good. No more rain. And warmish. So, I put on my capri-length running pants, a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt. No gloves or hat needed. Left my jacket in the car, too. For some reason I was really nervous starting this race. I don’t know why. It was a weird feeling — my fingers shaking just a tidbit while pinning on my bib. Maybe it was just excitement, not nerves.

I started the race, and it was perfect — the temperature was great, the crowd was crazy big and it felt good. But, somewhere in the middle of mile 1 the hills started. No one said there’d be hills. 🙂 They weren’t big, but they definitely caused me (and the other runners) to slow a bit. But on I ran. Passed some people. Some people passed me. This went on for most of the race. I picked out a few people to help pace myself but ended up passing them about halfway through. But then it started raining. And it was a cold rain. The kind that chills you through your bones. But on I ran. It felt good for about the first 5 minutes. Then it was just cold and wet — I wasn’t dressed appropriately for cold, wet rain. But on I ran — right to the finish line.

My final chip time for the four-mile race? 40:12 — a 10:03 mile. I’m pleased with this, considering the hills and the rain. Besides, I’m happy every time I finish a race because, dadgummit, I ran. And that’s what matters.

Photo of my dinner

Post-race dinner: Turkey burger with locally raised, nitrite-free bacon and avocado, with a side of steamed veggies.

While I enjoyed my race, there were a few annoyances:

There were no mile markers on the course anywhere. And people holding the traffic had no idea how far we were into the race at various points. I did not know that area of town well at all, so the only thing I had to judge my distance was the time on my watch and how I was feeling. It was both a positive and a negative. I was able to focus on my running rather than on how far I’d gone or how far I had left. I was able to set a pace that felt good, that felt right. But I had no idea where I was or how much race was left or how I was doing. That was annoying.

There also was no water along the course. At all. I didn’t really feel as if I needed it, but it would have been nice to have the option. There were two jugs of water at the end of the race that were almost gone when I got there — and half of the runners still had yet to cross the finish line.

And the most annoying thing of all — the thing that caused me to leave the race in a pissy mood? They served Washington apples. I’m sorry, but we live in Michigan — one of the top apple producing states in the country. And, our county is Michigan’s apple capital? And you serve from-storage Red Delicious apples shipped in from Washington state. That’s unacceptable to me. They will be receiving a letter, as will the local paper and the Michigan Apple Committee. I’m honestly disgusted. This race was put on by a Michigan company and sponsored by a Michigan shoe manufacturer and they can’t support local farmers? Besides, apples from storage (particularly Red Delicious) are nasty. I may be a bit partial, as I am the daughter of a fourth-generation fruit farmer — fruit farming’s in my blood. And I am a STRONG supporter of buying local. But, really, it just makes sense on so many levels. Buy local, folks. Buy local.



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5 responses to “My Big New Year’s Eve

  1. Your cats would not be impressed with my NYE plans either, but you know what? Yoga, tea, watching hockey on my couch with yummy snacks and knowing I will wake up feeling a healthy hangover is pretty impressive to me.

    Congrats on your race, and the apple thing would tick me off as well. However, all hail your avocado 😉


  2. kim – totally WITH YOU on the apple thing – i never stop for water so that was a non-issue for me, but… i did see mile markers at #1 and #2 but not #2 – they were big white signs on the right with a huge red number on them, on wooden stakes. maybe they were tipped over or you were on the other side (it was crowded – 745 peeps!) at that time. joe o’brien is the man-in-charge of that one, i hope you contacted him, especially about the apples — i thought the exact same thing! but austin & i had a blast, great running weather, i got 2nd in my age, and the only bummer is i didn’t get to see you – had no clue you were there! xoxo ~ cari


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