Wrapping Up Christmas

I’ve been absent from the blog for a week or so while I prepared for Christmas and visited with family. No apologies — this blog is real life, and sometimes real life pulls you away from the computer.

My Christmas was quite lovely. I spent a few days with my family, enjoying the laughter and love that comes with getting together with your closest friends — because that’s who my family is.

Family Photo

Christmas Eve with my family -- all 27 of them! We had five generations together for Christmas Eve this year.

We enjoyed some old traditions (like our piñata) and started some new ones (like the gingerbread decorating contest).

Gingerbread House Photo

The house my sister and I built won "Most Likely to Withstand the Big Bad Wolf." Yeah, we like icing/glue.

We also enjoyed delicious food. (Of course!)

Photo of Food

Our veggie Christmas tree and guacamole pita chip Christmas trees. Not only healthful food, though. We had cheesecake, too!

While all the family was over for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was pretty laid back. My parents, my sister, my nephew and his friend and I opened our gifts, and then my parents, my sister and I headed out for the First Annual Rosebud Reindeer Run. Long story short, my younger sister and I wanted to run in a Jingle Bell Run this year, but we couldn’t find one in our area. So, we made up our own. (We’ve called ourselves the Rosebud Sisters since we were young.)

Photo of Shirt Making

We even made up our own shirts for the Rosebud Reindeer Run.

It was to be held a couple weeks ago, but I had some stomach issues and we had to postpone it until Christmas Day. It ended up working out better this way, anyway, as we were able to run together instead of doing a “virtual” run.

Photo of Race Starting Line

My Rosebud and me at the starting line of the 1st Annual Rosebud Reindeer Run.

My sister and I are both new to running this year, and while she’s a bit behind me in our lives as runners, she’s such a great running companion. We run at different speeds, so we typically start together and then I go about my running and she goes about hers.

Photo of Me Running

Here I go!

But we do have one rule: When we start a race together, we finish a race together. So, when I finish, I turn right back around, run to meet her and re-finish the race with her. Honestly, crossing the finish line with her is one of my favorite parts of running races.

Photo of Rosebuds

My running companion, my friend.

The most exciting part? Other than the excitement of doing a run with my sister? We both set personal records. I finished the 5k in 28:49 — a full minute better than my previous 5k race a month earlier!

While the Rosebud Reindeer Run only had two “official” registrants (with an entry fee donation made to the Arthritis Association), we were joined by two “fun walkers.” Mom and Dad — and even their pup, Mia — got in on the fun.

Photo of my parents

Even Mom and Dad got in on the Rosebud fun!

The Rosebud Reindeer Run will return next year, and we’re hoping that more family members will sign up to participate — all it’ll take is a donation (of any amount) to my mother’s Arthritis Walk team.

Photo of Mom

My mom, during the run -- she's our Arthritis Walk team captain, and the Rosebud Reindeer Run benefited her team for the 2011 walk.

That pretty much sums up my Christmas. It was, once again, a wonderful weekend spent at home with my family — sharing new experiences, laughing and enjoying spending time together. It’s truly a blessing to be part of such a cool group of people. My challenge to myself (and to everyone) is to remember this feeling of love and warmth and happiness all year long — not just at the holidays, when it’s easy to remember your blessings.

Here’s to a happy, healthy rest of 2010, beginning of 2011 — and beyond.


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One response to “Wrapping Up Christmas

  1. wendy warren

    What a lovely summation of Christmas! It was a great time. I’m so glad you were able to come home and share with us!


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