Christmas is for … Lovers?

I don’t know if it’s just me and my recently ended relationship, but I’m beginning to think that Christmas is even more about couples than Valentine’s Day is. Or maybe it’s just because Valentine’s Day is expected to be all lovey dovey. And Christmas not so much. Maybe it’s because the media are taking over like crazy. Or, like I said, maybe it is just me.

I heard on the news the other day that November to December is the No. 1 diamond-buying time of the year. And that more engagements happen during these two months than any other months.

And, honestly, everywhere I look I see couples holding hands, picking out gifts, eating dinner together, frolicking in the snow. OK. Maybe there’s no frolicking. But it’s definitely borderline.

But it’s not just couples. It’s entire families — enjoying the funness that is Christmas. I almost cried the other day when I saw a father with his young daughter talking about what necklace Mommy would like best. (They went with the tiny silver jingle bell.) It was so honest, and simple, and sweet. Really touching. And, I must admit, I was jealous — the evil monster that I hate giving into. But sometimes it rears its ugly head and there’s nothing I can do but acknowledge it, attempt to shut it up and move on with my life.

Image of Couple at Christmas

Last Christmas there was talk of a ring by March. This Christmas, it's just me ... moving forward.

I’m happy that there is happiness and love floating around in the world during this time of year (I know, I know, there’s negativity, anger, sadness, too). I love that people are acting generously and spreading love when and where they can. And I’m happy that families have each other to turn to, to shop for, to share with. And all those lovely dovey couples? I’m even happy for them — because in this world, it can be a miracle to find someone who makes you so happy. Love is a gift. And I hope everyone finds it.

But I also can’t help feeling just a bit lonely. When I was single at the holidays before I didn’t really know the difference, you know? I was content being content and happy and cheerful and … oblivious. But now that I know how much more fun and special Christmas can be when you share it with someone else? It’s tough to not have that for the first time in several years.

I realize that I’m not the only single person in the world at Christmas. And I also realize that being in a couple (and having a family) isn’t perfect. But sharing the holiday season is a lot more fun than experiencing most of it alone.

Note: I have a very close family that I consider to be the best group of friends a gal could ask for. But, most of them live several hours away. And, as much as I love them all, it’s not the same as going shopping with a significant other or baking cookies with your child or decorating a Christmas tree with your nuclear family.


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