First Run Back

Yesterday I was finally able to venture out for my first run since my surgery. Let me tall ya: It. Felt. Amazing.

Map My Run Screen Shot

I told myself I’d go out and just do a short 3.1 miles. Didn’t want to dive back in too hard for the first run back. Being off for two weeks really took it out of me. I could tell from the first step it was going to take some time to get back into it. The first two miles were really painful. And all I could think was: “How are you ever going to finish this run, much less do a half marathon?” I definitely didn’t think I’d make it through the whole run yesterday without walking. In fact, I had quite the conversation with myself throughout the run:

  • Mile 1: Why are my legs so heavy? Why does this hurt? You can do this. Just make it another half mile and you can walk.
  • Mile 1.5: OK. You made it this far. I know your legs are hurting and you have a pain in your side. And you’re out of breath. But 2 miles is right there, keep running.
  • Mile 2: Ugh! Will this run never end?
  • Mile 2.25: You can make it to 3.1. I know it. Slow down just a little, take it easy. Ignore your heavy legs.
  • Mile 3: Oh. Kay. This isn’t so bad. Just another tenth of a mile.
  • Mile 3.1: What the heck, let’s just keep going.
  • Mile 3.5: Hm. I’m actually feeling really good. I can do this. Just run to 4, then stop running. Don’t wanna push it too hard.
  • Mile 4: OK. Time to stop so you don’t hurt yourself. Need to take it easy the first time out. But you’re feeling so good. Just a tiny bit longer.
  • Mile 4.5: Well, you’ve made it this far. You can go a little farther, right? Just take it to a nice, round 5? OK. Let’s do this!
  • Mile 5: Holy crap that felt great!

It is really good to be back.


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