Diet and Exercise

Being unable to exercise puts a very interesting and important focus on the “diet” portion of getting healthy and losing weight. What you put in your mouth is hugely important, particularly when you’re unable to burn off any additional calories through exercise. Diet is really the key to the journey of health and fitness. So, while I may not be able to exercise I am still able to make good choices food-wise and continue down the path of health and fitness.

Being in recovery mode after surgery is giving me an opportunity to re-evaluate and get back to basics with my eating. While I didn’t stray too far ever, it’s always good to stop, do a status check and just touch base with yourself now and again. It’s going to be a positive experience. Plus, it’ll give me an opportunity to track down and try some new recipes.

(Though I can tell I’m already missing my nice, relaxing runs. It’s gonna be a long coupla weeks but I can do it! Just gotta focus on happy, healthy eating so my body’s nice and strong when the time comes.)


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