EcoTrek, Take Two

I’m 100 percent sold/addicted/loving EcoTrek. This was my second EcoTrek session. It’s such an amazing workout and a really excellent way to start your day (though there are evening sessions, so you could end your day that way, too).

Today’s workout was totally different than what we did last week. We met at a different park, which they do every week. This one was a mountain biking trail, with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns. We treated it more like a trail run, and our pace this week was a lot quicker. Though it was about 15 degrees cooler this morning, so that could have accounted for the quicker pace — keep it movin’ to keep warm! Even the resistance band and ab work we did was different. Apparently, every week is different, so we’ll be working different muscle groups and not falling into too many “fitness ruts” (at least I’d imagine).

I was hoping EcoTrek would kick my workouts up a bit and help me keep moving toward my goal weight, which is just about 15 pounds away right now. And if this week is any indication, I think it might just do the trick. We went nearly 4 miles, and according to my HRM I burned 550 calories in our 75-minute session. I have to take a couple of weeks off due to the surgery, but I’m looking forward to diving back in as soon as I get the “all clear” from my doctor.

I wish I’d found this sooner …


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