In 2010, I Became A Runner

I just realized I did a lot of running in 2010. I didn’t “officially” start turning my walks into runs until late winter 2010. But since then I’ve run hundreds of miles (I wish I’d kept track … I will in 2011) and done a number of organized races. All of them were 5ks. But, it’s pretty cool to look back and see what I’ve done and how much I’ve grown as a runner:

  • May: 5k River Bank Run
  • September: 5k Red Flannel Run
  • October: 5k Run Thru the Rapids, 5k Zombie Run
  • November: 5k Yule Run, 5k Turkey Trot
  • December: Jingle Bell Run?

So, clearly I can do a 5k. It’s time to kick it up for 2010. Here’s what I have “planned” so far:

  • May: TC Half Marathon
  • July: Cherry Festival 15k
  • September: 5k Red Flannel Run

I’d love to do some sort of organized run every month in 2011. So, it looks like I’ll need to do some research while I’m on my surgery “vacation” at the end of the month. I’d also love to do a run when I’m in Arizona in February with my sister. Anyone know of any races in late February there?


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