So I have to have surgery and I am so very unhappy about it. Remember the swollen gland in my neck that won’t go away? Well that’s a recurring problem that apparently steroids and a few rounds of antibiotics won’t take care of.

Swollen Gland Photo

So the gland is going bye-bye.

I’m kinda freaked out at the prospect of having an entire gland removed. It’s an outpatient procedure (done under general anesthesia) with “the potential for an overnight stay.” There will be a drain in my neck for one to two days and stitches in the two-inch incision that will be removed seven days after the surgery. I’ll also have to be off work for a week.

I’m mostly pissed, a little nervous and somewhat annoyed. First, I’m finally taking care of myself and am healthier than ever and this is how I’m repaid. Second, I love my new skinny neck. It’s my favorite body part and it’s about to have what I can only imagine is a Franken-scar. Third, no weight lifting for three weeks after the surgery! Doc says I just need a week or so off from running (or until my body says it’s ready), so that’s no biggie. But three weeks off weights is gonna be tough to come back from. Grrr …

I did manage to schedule the surgery for after my Turkey Trot (and delicious Thanksgiving food), though. So that’s a win I guess.

Send me happy thoughts, please?



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