‘Smile When It Hurts the Most’

I’m not sure who said this — I looked it up on several websites and cannot find an attribution. But, I like this quote. It’s kinda how I live my life.

You see, I’m not a natural optimist. Just ask my mom. Or my sister. Or anyone, really, who knows me well. I tend to feel that if you expect (and prepare for) the worst, you either end up being prepared and able to cope with your situation or you end up pleasantly surprised. I feel like it’s a win-win. My mother, ever the optimist, would disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I know that optimism is good for you. It’s just tough to see the positive sometimes.

But I try. And I try hard. Every day before I go to bed and as soon as I wake up, I remind myself how blessed I truly I am and I focus (really FOCUS) on being optimistic and looking on the bright side. I believe that in acting like an optimist, I can become an optimist. I can learn optimism (and trick my mind into actually becoming one). So sometimes I admit I’m a little overly optimistic — not because I really feel that way but because I want to feel that way.

It’s not just in my overall life. It happens with my weight loss, too. I’m a little more positive about this journey to health and wellness some days than I’d like to be. When I see the scale go up just because it wants to, there’s nothing that I want to do more than pout and fret and whine (and maybe throw something at my scale). But I don’t. I find something positive I can focus on: a changed behavior, a positive step, a clothing victory, a compliment — anything that reminds me that I am working hard and making positive changes (even when Stupid Scale Brains disagrees with me).

And I try really hard not to dwell on my small gains or plateaus. Because, darn it, that’s not fun or fair after I’ve worked my butt off. I don’t make excuses. I recognize the gains and move on from them — most times before I even post about them here. Which is why you don’t often read me complaining or venting or being super sad, though I’m sure that day may come — probably sooner than I’d like. (Note: When I’m truly to blame for a gain because I’ve slacked or not focused or didn’t do what I know works, it’s a little bit of a different story. But I still don’t let it get me off track or revert to old behaviors.)

That is not to say, however, that I am oblivious to the fact that this new lifestyle is sometimes hard. And painful. And lonely. I just choose to focus on the positive parts of this journey. By focusing on the good bits, the hard parts become a little more fuzzy.


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