A Letter to That Girl

Dear Pre-Me,

I know you’re freaked out. You have a long way to go — 120 pounds is a lot of weight. That’s, like, what? A sixth grader? I know you don’t see it now, but you really need to lose this weight. You need to get healthy. For no other reason than you are worth it. You deserve to live a healthy, happy life. You deserve to do all of the things you want to do. You deserve to not feel like you don’t fit in because of your size. You deserve to wear the clothes you want — to find your own style. You deserve to not hide behind whatever you can find — literally and figuratively.

I know you’re scared. You’re thinking, “What if I fail?” “What if I can’t lose this weight?” “What if I really am nothing special after all?”

Well. Guess what? You’re not going to fail. You can and will do this. You are an amazing, wonderful person — no matter what you weigh. You are something special. And no one can tell you any different.

And over the next 13 months, you’re going to learn an amazing amount of stuff about yourself. About how strong you are: mentally, physically, emotionally. You’re going to learn about how weak you are: mentally, physically, emotionally. You’re going to find out who’s really in your corner — for better or worse. And you’re going to learn that, yes, it really does matter that you have people you can call on for support when you need them. Unfortunately, some people are going to fall out of your life. But, you’re also going to gain a whole new support system along the way, too.

Your hobbies are going to change. Your lifestyle is going to change. Heck, you’re even going to look forward to getting up just before 5 to go to the gym. And, I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to spend a lot of money making sure that you have the right tools to give 100 percent to yourself to get healthy. As you hand over the cash (or your debit card) just don’t forget: You deserve this.

And most importantly, you’re going to learn to love yourself. Really love yourself. Just as you are. At whatever stage you are in of this journey. At 271 pounds, at 200 pounds, at 171 pounds. You’re going to learn that it’s not your weight that makes you lovable; it’s you. You are worthy of love. You’re worthy of your love and the love of others. And this is going to make all of the difference on this journey.

This won’t be easy. You’re going to hit rough patches along the road. Places where it feels like it’d be easier to just give up and maintain. Places where passing on lunches with friends and skipping nights out at the bar doesn’t seem to be worth it. Your weight loss is going to stall — even when you’re putting everything you have into it. Don’t quit. Do not give up on yourself. You can do this. You are a strong woman who can work through this. Work with your body and do this for yourself.

I am proud of you. I love you.



P.S. Your last 25 pounds are going to be the hardest. Do not get discouraged. This is merely your body doing what it’s supposed to do: Protecting you. Keep at it, and you will do fine.


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