100 Pounds — No More

Ohmigosh! I did it! I finally crossed the 100-pound mark! YAY! I needed to lose 3.6 pounds to hit that elusive mark this week. That’s a lot to lose this far along in my journey. And I wasn’t expecting to hit it. I was expecting a loss (I mean, come on, I kicked my own butt this week.), but not the 3.8 pounds I did lose!

I was squealing with excitement — afraid to step off the scale cuz it might not be true, but afraid to stay on the scale for the off-chance that little number would tick back up if I budged. My WW leader also asked me to share my story. And I did. Every embarrassing bit.

And I cried. Because I’ve worked really hard to get here. Because people told me I’m an inspiration. Because I’m overwhelmed with what the last 13 months have meant to me. Because I’m happy.

I still have about 20 pounds to go, so I’m not at the end of this stage of my healthy journey. And after that, maintenance — which is a whole different kind of battle. But for now, I’m reveling in the glow of hard work, perseverance and motivation.

This girl is very happy — and proud — tonight.

Now off to the gym to tell Trainer 2.0 my news. I don’t think he’ll go easy on me just because of my super exciting day. Oh well … bring it on.



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