After cleaning out my closet, I became fully aware of my total lack of fall and winter clothes. All of the things I bought last winter to fit my shrinking body are nowhere near fitting me. The pants fall off me, the shirts and sweaters hang like garbage bags and my lovely winter coats are just a saggy mess. I almost had a breakdown.

One of the best and worst things about this journey is going through clothes every couple of months. And they’re all like-new clothes because I was only in them for a little while. Good news for my sisters, I suppose. It makes me sad to spend all of this money on clothing when I have other things I’d rather be doing with my money.

I guess this fall’s wardrobe is going to consist of all my summer clothes with a couple of new cardigans. And hopefully I can find a good deal on jeans. I definitely need a couple new pairs of jeans. I just can’t stand the idea of buying a whole new wardrobe yet again — only to have to repeat once the snow starts flying.

Oh! And the shoes! My feet have shrunk and none of my fall boots or shoes really fit me anymore. And since I’ve started running I’ve learned the importance of making sure all of my shoes fit. Taking care of my feet is not an option.

Trust me. I’m not complaining. This is a good “problem” to have. It’s just a little annoying — and expensive.


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