‘Calm Down. Enjoy Your Life.’

This was said to me in response to my report to Trainer 2.0 about my disappointing two-pound gain this week. I know it’s true — truer words have never been spoken, in fact. This is one of my main reasons for success so far: I make this work for me, for my life. And I leave room for fun and treats and enjoyment. He also reminded me that I’m recovering from an injury and shouldn’t be so hard on myself. But it’s still annoying to see a gain on the scale when I’m “this close” to my goal.

He reminded me that if I turn this into a job and lose sight of the long-term goal (instead focusing only on a weekly weigh-in) that I won’t make it in the long-run — that I’ll fall back into my old habits. It’s true. I know these things. I try to practice these things. I tell others these things. Why is it so hard for me to believe them today?

And, finally, he also helped me remember that this should be fun. And we went on to have one of our funnest training sessions to date. So fun that I almost didn’t notice my muscles shaking and the butt kicking he was handing down. Almost.

I feel truly blessed to have found a trainer who really gets me and understands what motivates me and how I need to work.


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