Random Thoughts

Lately I’ve been catching myself noticing my body way more than I ever did before — like eleventy times a day. I don’t know why I’m suddenly noticing my body when it’s smaller than it used to be. Technically, shouldn’t I notice something bigger more than something smaller?

It could be because before I didn’t want to pay attention to my body and how big it was. Or, maybe I knew what I was doing to my body but if I ignored it I didn’t have to fix it. Or, maybe I just didn’t care. I definitely took this body for granted and didn’t treat it the way it deserves to be treated. Cuz, wow, the human body truly is an amazing thing. And it’s helping me do things I never even knew I wanted to do.

Regardless, here I am thinking so many random thoughts about my body throughout the day. Here’s just a sampling of the things I caught myself thinking throughout the day today:

1. Wow! My jiggly bits really make a funny “slap, slap, slap” noise when I jump.

2. Hmm … squatting over a public toilet is so much easier now. My legs aren’t even shaking.

3. Eeew! What is that? (Note: It is a nasty scrape on my arm from a workout session where I bumped into the wall at the gym.)

4. Lookin’ good, lady.

5. Hey! Where’d that bruise come from?

6. Working out really sucks!

7. (And 10 seconds later) Working out rocks!

8. It hurts.

9. Is that a broken bone? Or a muscle? And why is it poking out of my leg like that? (Note: It’s a muscle in my calf!)

10. Look how far you’ve come!

11. (2.5 seconds later) You still have a long way to go.

12. (1 second later) But, wow! Look at you! You should be proud of where you are right now.

13. Focus! Focus! You can do this.

14. Oh, come on arms, you can finish this. Keep punching. Only 30 more seconds.

15. Spin class is gonna hurt tomorrow.

Note: Some of these thoughts happened before, during or after a very intense session with Trainer 2.0. Mostly the ones about hurting.


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