Eatin’ and Workin’ Out

How do I do this losing weight thing? I’ve finally found a good balance of good eating and consistent working out — throw in there a splurge and a treat for myself now and again, and I think I’ve (finally) found my winning recipe. I even go out to restaurants, and I don’t feel nervous or uncomfortable at all. I’m finally able to order off a menu exactly how I want — hold the this, add the that, cook it without this, bring that on the side.

Today I went out for lunch with some coworkers — our weekly Friday lunch. I had some delicious fish tacos (with grilled tilapia) and a side salad for lunch. So yummy! Wish I had taken a picture because they looked kinda pretty all dressed up with purple cabbage. Dessert? Eight chocolate-covered gummy bears — totally worth the splurge. They came in a tiny bag, so there was no fear of going crazy on them (because I certainly could have had there been more of them).

No plans for dinner yet tonight. Something quick before going to the gym and then a little bit of a snack later when Amor comes home from work. Cardio’s on the menu at the gym. Had a good sweat session with Trainer this morning — some nice (tough) core work and some more punching! This time, he actually let me punch him in the chest. Sweet!

It’s nice to finally have a system/schedule/routine in place where I’m comfortable and able to find success at this daunting task. Cuz, lemme tell ya, knowing that you have to lose 120 pounds is a scary thing. But, 72 pounds in, I’ve found my groove.


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