Dining Out

People don’t like to go out to eat with me anymore. I met my sister for lunch today. When she asked me what I was going to order, I said, “Oh, I’ll probably pick apart a sandwich.” Her response? “Why would you do that?”

Well, quite honestly, my days of ordering off the menu are long gone. My lunch today? Country Chicken Wrap. Grilled, not fried, chicken. Grilled dry, please. Hold the cheese, hold the bacon, hold the dressing. No fries. A side of steamed broccoli, no sauce, no butter, no nothin’.

After I ordered, my sister said I was boring. But to me, the food was just fine, and I enjoyed knowing that I could eat it without feeling guilty.

Sometimes I do feel bad and guilty for making my dining companions sit through my customized menu. But then I catch a glimpse of myself in the display mirror or look down and see my size 14s (which used to be snug 22s) and I smile and pick away at the menu.

For me, it’s about making this new lifestyle work in the real world. And since I enjoy going out to eat and spending that time with my friends and family, I’m gonna continue to make the menu work for my choices — not vice versa.


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