While I love my time on the treadmill and the time it gives me to clear my head without thinking too hard, I wanted to try something different. So, I took my first group fitness class last night: Zumba. I loved it. I’m apparently no more coordinated than a wet fettuccine noodle, but I didn’t care. I was working up a sweat and laughing at myself while I did it! A couple women gave up halfway through because thy couldn’t follow along. Not me. When I lost my step, I just marched in place and swung my arms around. I’m pretty sure when the instructor smiled, she was trying not to laugh right out loud at me. Old, 60-pounds-heavier me would have been way too self-conscious to accept my lack of skill, and I would have given up. That is, if I had even dared step foot in an exercise class in the first place. But on-the-way-to-the-new-me me can actually laugh at myself.

I think I could get bored with the class easily if I did it all the time, but since it’s only once a week (and I can’t make it to all of them, anyway), it’ll be a good way to spice things up just a bit. I’m still gonna get in my treadmill time — or outside run/walks if it’s nice. But once a week, Zumba will be a good cardio supplement.


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