Traveling Healthfully

I’m traveling for work this week. I was a little nervous about this — not sure what kind of food I’d find everywhere or if I’d be able to eat at my regular times or if I’d have the time to squeeze in some cardio. Good news is, so far, so good!

Indulged a little last night. For “old” me, an indulgence would be pasta with delicious creamy sauce, steak, wine, potatoes of some sort, bread, burger, fries, rich dessert or something along those lines. When I say indulged now, it means something different. I ate half of a 3-ounce salmon filet, two jumbo grilled shrimp, a small crab cake, a side of green beans and a few bites of a dessert shared with our whole table. Oh yeah, and some delicious water with lemon. It’s funny to see the way my view of food has changed. This Mixed Grill plate was so much more satisfying after the fact than any of those other dinners ever would have been. I still say I shoulda skipped the dessert cuz my body’s just not used to full-fat, high-sugar desserts anymore. But, it was delicious, and I savored every bite.

Woke up this morning and went for a jalk (jog/walk) with one of my co-workers. She’s a runner, so I knew she’d kick my butt. I felt a little bad for holding her back, but she truly didn’t seem to mind. Plus, it was so nice to have company. We did 4.07 miles in 52 minutes. For all you avid runners out there, it really isn’t that fast. But, for me, a 12.7-minute mile is a really good time. (I’m hoping to be able to knock it down to 10 minutes over the next few months.) I’m looking forward to a jalk in the morning tomorrow, too. It really does help get me in a good mood and get me ready for the day.

On a side note, we have really been enjoying salads from Salata. They are so fresh and delicious — and super affordable. I sure wish we had this place back home in Michigan.


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