I’m Not Stupid

Dear Yelling Fitness Evaluator Guy at the Gym,

I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to evaluate my fitness — or apparent lack thereof — so I can sign up with a personal trainer. It was great hearing your stories and having you see where my fitness level is so we know where to start my training. I appreciate your positive feedback with the exercises, and I also liked hearing that you also had lost a lot of weight.

However, please don’t make the assumption that just because I’m overweight I’m an idiot. In fact, I’m a pretty intelligent person with a master’s degree. I’m a fairly successful person for being only 28 years old. And, I work in an industry that keeps me well informed of the latest health research and dietary guidelines. So, just because I need to lose a significant amount of weight, it doesn’t not mean that I “eat McDonald’s for breakfast, Culver’s for lunch and Arby’s for dinner” as you so aptly pointed out during my evaluation. Yes, I know this is a bad thing. And I have never in my life eaten like that — even at my very heaviest. Please don’t lecture me on the importance of eating fruits and vegetable.

I also have lost 56 pounds on my own figuring how my body works and the kinds of foods it needs — and those it doesn’t. For the first time in my life, I’ve figured out a healthy routine of diet and exercise that is working (and working well) for me. The reason I’m going to a trainer is because I know I have to start strength training — and I know that I don’t know where to start. If I did, I would have dived right in. Instead, I choose to approach it the same way I do everything in my life: with research and by asking people who specialize in that area for some help (and paying for it).

So, you can take this request and do with it what you like. But, realize that all overweight people are not created the same. We’re not all ignorant about what goes into our bodies. And we’re not all going to lose weight the same or eat the same while doing it. I need you to help me find what works for me. And if you’re going to treat like I’m an idiot, all you’re really showing me is that you’re a person who has to try to look smart by making others look dumb. Thank you very much, but I’ll just go find an authentically intelligent person to help me with my personal training goals.

Thank you,


P.S. When you asked me my goals for losing weight, I do not appreciate you insisting that one of my goals is to improve my self-confidence. How dare you assume that there’s anything wrong with my self-confidence just cuz I’m not thin and fit (yet). And, even more amazing is that you wrote that goal down in permanent marker, making it a permanent part of my training plan. Same goes for you telling me I need to improve my shoulders. I thought these were supposed to be my goals.


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