‘Tis the Season to Eat

I’ve survived my first holiday season on WW. In fact, I’ve done even more than that! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I’ve lost 10+ pounds, bringing my year-end total to 53.8 pounds gone. Off my body. Adios. Hasta la never. That’s like a good-sized child! It’s a good feeling to know that I can do this. And I can do this for ME. No one else. For no other reason than I am worth it.

In addition to my wonderful loss, which is finally starting to slow to a regular pace, I had some other victories over the holiday season as well. For one, I’m fitting into (not 100 percent comfortably, but zipped and mobile) a size 14 jeans! What? 14?! That’s ridiculous! I don’t even remember fitting into a 14. Maybe when my mom was still buying my clothes for me. Though, at that time, I was into the whole I-wanna-wear-boys-jeans thing, so I wouldn’t know my “real” misses/women’s size anyway. These 14s might run larger than some — they’re Lee’s and Old Navy jeans (which I know are large) — but they’re 14s nonetheless. Also, my lovely sister got me a ring for Christmas, which I adore. But, it’s a size 8. I was so nervous putting it on, but it is a perfect fit! It’s so nice to have a nearly normal sized finger for a change! I also bought my first (in a long time) large sized sweater. And, it’s totally wearable!


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